Jesse Palmer shares a Tom Coughlin ‘The Bachelor’ story that will have you cracking up

Tom Coughlin, NY Giants. (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)
Tom Coughlin, NY Giants. (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images) /

Tom Coughlin will never stop winning over hearts in New York. After leading the NY Giants win two Super Bowls, the man cemented his status as one of the best coaches the area has ever seen. What made him so great was the way he was able to connect with his players on a daily basis. It almost reminds us of what Brian Daboll is cooking in East Rutherford right now.

With Coughlin, it turns out he got a surprising phone call shortly after he was officially hired by the Giants prior to the 2004 campaign.

Quarterback Jesse Palmer nervously picked up the phone and tried explaining to his new ball coach that he was going to be out of the area for a little while shooting a new show. That show? The Bachelor.

Jesse Palmer explaining his ‘The Bachelor’ appearance to Tom Coughlin is gold

This is too perfect. All Coughlin cared about was that his quarterback would be back in time for mini-camp, which he was. Hey, the show wasn’t going to stop Palmer from helping out the Giants, but at the same time, the man was looking for love and he decided to leave that in the hands of the producers over at ABC.

Once Palmer made his way back to East Rutherford and the show aired, you already know that his teammates were ready to go after him. Even Coughlin had to give his signal-caller a bit of a hard time, as Palmer explained that the coach couldn’t believe that he ended up going with a young lady named Jessica. Heck, half the country couldn’t either.

Unfortunately for Palmer, things between him and Jessica didn’t last long – neither did his time working with Coughlin in NY, as he was released by the team in September of 2005. He ended up signing with the 49ers later that fall, but never played a down for the team.

In his Giants career, Palmer appeared in eight games, tossing for 532 yards and three touchdowns. He’s also got an incredible Coughlin story he can laugh about now.