Tom Brady retires again and he doesn’t have to worry about the NY Giants anymore

Tom Brady, Eli Manning. (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)
Tom Brady, Eli Manning. (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images) /

Goodnight, sweet prince. After 23 years in the NFL and seven Super Bowl wins to his name, Tom Brady, for the second time, has decided to call it a career. Brady is the greatest of all time and no one is going to be able to argue that for a while – not even the biggest of Patrick Mahomes fans out there.

The man had nearly a perfect NFL career in big-time situations. The fact that he appeared in 10 Super Bowls is wild to think about, but for a lot of people in East Rutherford, there’s two in particular that they’ll never forget.

We’re of course talking about the two losses to Eli Manning and the NY Giants. Are we honoring those two Giants wins in February on the day Brady hangs up his cleats? Yup, we sure are.

Tom Brady retires from the NFL after 23 incredible seasons

Hey, sorry Tom, we had to get one last dig on ya before you finished that celebratory bottle of champagne after your announcement. The fact of the matter is that the Giants and Patriots, when Brady was still in Foxborough, treated us to two of the best Super Bowls people on this side of the world have ever seen.

In the end, Manning and the G-Men indeed got the best of Brady on two occasions. As much fun as we want to have with TB12 right now, we also can’t forget about the amazing numbers he put up from the moment he took over as starter for the Pats, plus his time with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

All in all, Brady threw for 89,214 yards and 649 touchdowns. On top opf those unreal numbers, he was a seven-time Super Bowl champ, a five-time Super Bowl MVP, a three-time MVP and a six-time All-Pro selection. Yeah, that’s pretty dang good. Brady’s next stop will be Canton, as the Pro Football Hall of Fame will be calling soon.

At times we hated this guy, but the impact he made on the game can’t be measured. Cheers to you, Tom, and enjoy retirement. With the extra time you’ll be having on your hands, you can re-live the glory days by watching some of your old games. There’s two in particular we’d love to watch with you.