Andy Reid may have just helped Mike Kafka leave the NY Giants for Arizona

Andy Reid, Kansas City Chiefs. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Andy Reid, Kansas City Chiefs. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

At this point next week, the NY Giants and head coach Brian Daboll could be without an offensive coordinator. Current OC Mike Kafka is coming off an impressive first year with the G-Men working under Daboll, but he’s now a finalist for the head coaching gig over with the Arizona Cardinals. It feels like there’s a really good chance he’ll be leaving East Rutherford.

If that does happen, Daboll may have to reach out to Andy Reid to thank him for Kafka leaving his staff.

At the Super Bowl in Arizona, Reid said he actually spoke with Cardinals owner Michael Bidwell to share with him the great qualities Kafka has as a coach. This is only going to help Kafka land the job in the NFC west.

NY Giants OC Mike Kafka could end up leaving for the Arizona Cardinals

Reid is quite familiar with Kafka, as the Giants assistant was quarterbacks coach for the Chiefs before he packed his bags and moved to East Rutherford. That’s why it’s no surprise that Reid is ready to go to bat for Kafka, who is eyeing his first job running his own team.

If Kafka does end up being one and done with the Giants, fans will surely have mixed feelings about his time with the team. Kafka surely helped Daniel Jones improve both in the passing/running game, but there were several instances where the NY supporters were furious with his play-calling.

Despite that, Kafka is a young, rising coach and he’s ready to keep on moving up in the ranks. The Cardinals situation is a bit messy, but a healthy Kyler Murray is always going to help an offense be quite dangerous. Who knows, maybe Kafka can help Murray and the other young playmakers on the squad out. People don’t want to see Kafka leave the Giants this offseason.

If he does, it feels like it’d be a pretty big loss for Daboll and Joe Schoen. Reid could end up being a big reason why Daboll will need to find a replacement OC to run the Giants offense.