3 underrated NY Giants who could make a massive difference next season

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With all the news flying around about some of the big-name players on the NY Giants so far this offseason, some guys on the team have become rather underrated when in all reality they could play a massive role on this Giants squad.

These players aren’t stars like Dexter Lawrence or Andrew Thomas, but with how important their positions are, they could easily be just as important at any moment and are guys the fans are going to want to monitor heading into the 2023 season.

Hopefully by the time next campaign ends, fans will be more appreciative of these three players, as they could be some big game-changers for the Giants and earn the respect they deserve.

3. TE Daniel Bellinger

While all of the spotlight has been on the newly acquired Darren Waller, fans must not forget about Daniel Bellinger, who put together an incredibly solid rookie season despite missing five games. Waller may be the scarier receiving threat on the field, but the damage Bellinger brings as a blocker and bruiser in the open field could make for a deadly combination that Daniel Jones will love to throw to.

This duo could become one of the best among teams in the league, as it’s hard to find two TEs with as much versatility as Bellinger and Waller. Waller can hurt you with how dynamic he is, while Bellinger can be a more consistent threat in laying out monster blocks.

Alongside this, Waller has had some injury history over the last couple years of his career. Waller has missed 13 regular season games over the past two campaigns. Should something happen and he needs to take some time off, Brian Daboll will be confident in putting Bellinger in to replace him.

Regardless, Bellinger was already a serious threat as a two-way tight end, and bringing Waller in could potentially open up the field for Bellinger even more, making his life much easier as a pass-catcher, while also allowing him to be the blocking specialist he always has been. Just because Waller is now in East Rutherford, it doesn’t mean Bellinger won’t have a strong impact on this team.

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