3 biggest offseason mistakes that are haunting the NY Giants right now

General manager Joe Schoen has let this team down in a big way

Seattle Seahawks v New York Giants
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1. Not improving the special teams' unit

Last season and this campaign too, it's almost like the Giants HAVE to have a special teams blunder every game. From blocked punts and field goal attempts, to not having any kick or punt return touchdowns in what feels like ages, the special teams unit as a whole has been atrocious. What is going on?

The Giants lost some big pieces from the unit and failed to replace them. It is a glaring issue that teams have been able to take advantage of that thus far this season. Outside of Graham Gano, the Giants definitely could stand to upgrade all around. Punter Jamie Gillian was very inconsistent last season and was still brought back on a multi-year deal.

This offseason, Schoen signed a couple players fans thought could help out in special teams, mainly Jeff Smith, only for him to be cut. It seemed like management was too busy getting Jones weapons and neglected other parts of the team. Eric Gray, a rookie, has disappointed as a return man. Games are won in all three phases of the game. Things have been so bad, people have been calling for Thomas McGaughey to lose his job. Unless things change the rest of the way, there's simply no way he can return as special teams coach next season.