3 most wild moves the NY Giants can make during the NFL Draft

Will Joe Schoen make any of these happen?
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1. Trading up to select a quarterback

This wouldn't be the most surprising move the Giants could pull off, not by a mile. However, it would forever alter the future of the franchise moving forward, as it would signal the end of the Jones era and the beginning of what could very well be the Drake Maye era.

It would likely cost a lot, but when you see how talented a guy like Maye is, it's hard not to want that on the Giants. Finding a way to move on from Jones' contract will be difficult, but it would be worth it at the end of the day. It's been clear for a while now that Jones is not the guy for New York and continuing to allow him to fail could have some harsh repercussions on the franchise.

An even wilder situation sees the Giants moving up in the draft and selecting J.J. McCarthy, which has surprisingly been rumored and even predicted by some. Discussions surrounding McCarthy's talent and where he could get drafted have been all over the place and it's easy to see why. He has the traits to be successful in the NFL, but he needs to put it all together.

Regardless of who they take in this scenario, it would be pretty insane to see the Giants trade up for a quarterback. The last time they did this, it netted them Eli Manning, and we all know how well it worked out for Big Blue. Hopefully, they have similar success if Schoen pulls the trigger.