3 positions where the Giants could double dip in the NFL Draft

The Giants need to keep adding talent and depth to multiple positions in the NFL Draft
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1. Linebacker

The Giants have finally seemed to have found solid inside linebackers. Bobby Okereke became a clear defensive leader for Big Blue in 2023. Second-year linebacker Micah McFadden looked like he could be the running mate with him for the long haul. After a down first year in the league, McFadden had a great turnaround, and fans are hoping he can continue to take steps forward to being a great linebacker in this league. So, why is linebacker a need for the Giants?

Because, who else is there currently at linebacker? After Okereke and McFadden, the Giants only have recently re-signed Carter Coughlin, who found himself a role as a special teams player, and they also have Darrian Beavers, who fans were hyped for when first drafted, but he since hasn't seen much action.

The Giants did re-sign versatile chess piece Isaiah Simmons. Still, the Giants need to add some more talent to this room. Last season we didn't see much in the way of Coughlin or Beavers getting meaningful linebacker reps. There are still a couple of linebacker options in free agency for the Giants in Shaq Leonard, Kwon Alexander and Zach Cunningham who could be good veteran options, but they could come with a decent price tag.

If the Giants end up getting more picks and are looking for another versatile player, they could add Miami LB James Williams to the defense. He actually sounds a lot like Simmons, checking in at 6-4 and playing both safety and linebacker while at Miami. He could offer a similar skillset and take Simmons' position after his one-year deal expires.

He would also kill two birds with one stone giving the Giants more depth at linebacker and safety. If Schoen is looking later in the draft, there is Florida State linebacker Kalen DeLoach. The Giants had talks with DeLoach during his Pro Day and he also offers versatility being an undersized linebacker who also dropped back to safety for the Seminoles. In 563 snaps, he had 20 QB pressures, seven sacks and an interception this past season for FSU.