3 reasons Andrew Thomas being left off the NFL Top 100 is a complete joke

Giants star Andrew Thomas has been disrespected once again

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2. He was one of four offensive/defensive All-Pro members left off the list

Honestly, the fact that any player on offense or defense can make an All-Pro team, yet be kept off the list, goes to show how much of a joke it is. Aside from Thomas, Creed Humphrey, Joe Thuney, and James Bradberry were also withheld from their Top 100 selection. While we can somewhat understand Bradberry being left off, Thuney and Humphrey are arguably top three players at their positions.

It's honestly frustrating to see such talented players consistently be disrespected by their peers. We know offensive linemen never get the love they deserve, but it's still annoying that the league's players don't see the value in a good unit for the trenches.

While we're sure All-Pro players are often left off the Top 100 list, it's still insane to think that Humphrey and Thomas, two players who have good cases to be the best players at their respective positions, can be left off. Thomas too? Come on.