3 reasons the NY Giants will win the NFC East, and 2 why they won't

Can the Giants prove everyone wrong and win the division this campaign?

Washington Commanders v New York Giants
Washington Commanders v New York Giants / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages
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Why they won't: The Eagles are still the team to beat

Ric Flair once said, "To be the man, you have to beat the man." Right now, the Eagles are the man in the NFC East. They are the reigning NFC East Champions, as well as the NFC Champions heading into the 2023 season. While they did lose some players to free agency, they also drafted very well and are expected to return a lot of the team we saw make it to the Super Bowl last season.

The Eagles not only went 14-3 for the regular season, but they also went 4-2 in the division and were 2-0 in the regular season against the Giants, plus that horrific 38-7 beating the Eagles handed to the Giants in the NFC Divisional Round. Most saw the game as a measuring stick as far as where the two franchises were.

The Eagles were at the top of the NFC and NFL class, while the Giants were not. If that is still the case, then maybe we will see the team that did repeat as division champions from 20 years ago do it again in 2023. It might not mean the Giants won't be a playoff team, but the Eagles are still a team loaded with talent who can make a run again.