4 affordable free agents the NY Giants can still sign

Joe Schoen still has work to do in free agency
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1. Zach Cunningham

It seems like there is always a Zach Cunningham to the Giants rumor that comes around every year. Well, this year is no different. With the Giants' inside linebacker unit being thin, Cunnigham would and should be a welcomed addition to the group. Still just 29 years old, Cunningham is a productive linebacker that Giants fans have wanted for years, even going back to the draft. Currently the Giants have Bobby Okereke and Micah McFadden as their starting inside 'backers. While the duo had a great 2023, the cupboard is pretty empty afterwards. After McFadden and Okereke, the Giants have Carter Coughlin, Benton Whitley, and Darrian Beavers.

Cunningham put up good numbers for the rival Eagles last year amassing 85 tackles while playing in 71 percent of the snaps. Adding a veteran like Cunningham would be a massive upgrade for the position. A lot of fans understandably want Isaiah Simmons back, but Cunningham has ties that could bring him to New York. He spent some time with new defensive coordinator Bowen while they were with the Titans.

Players like Shaq Leonard and Kwon Alexander sound nice, but they may be a little out of the price range for the Giants. Cunningham could be a good veteran addition for the defense. We'll see if Schoen gives him a call or not.