4 biggest winners and 2 losers from the Giants NFL Draft haul

You already know Daniel Jones is on this list, but maybe not where you'd expect
Seattle Seahawks v New York Giants
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The 2024 NFL Draft has come and gone, and the New York Giants will now turn their attention towards looking more like the 2022 version of their franchise, not what we saw from the team last season. 

Over the course of three days in Detroit, the Giants made a number of fascinating selections. They opted to address their wide receiving corps with their first pick, instead of going quarterback or offensive lineman. Reading the tea leaves, we can assume what was going on inside the mind of the team’s front office executives when they turned in their card. 

Later in the 2024 NFL Draft, the Giants decided to look to add to their secondary, instead of taking a shot on some other positions. That was one of their glaring needs after free agency, so it’s not especially surprising, but only time will tell how these picks age in the future, near and long term. Many positions remain in flux, and it’ll be interesting to see where certain players go from here. At the moment though, at least six players were majorly affected, so here are the four biggest winners, coupled with two losers, when examining the Giants’ haul during the 2024 NFL Draft. 

Winner No. 1: QB Daniel Jones

It’s pretty obvious who the biggest winner was for the Giants during the 2024 NFL Draft, as quarterback Daniel Jones was likely celebrating when he heard, “Malik Nabers, wide receiver, LSU,” from the lips of Roger Goodell. 

Instead of trading up for a quarterback, or choosing to draft either J.J. McCarthy, Michael Penix Jr. or Bo Nix, the Giants chose the former SEC superstar. Not only did they give Jones the most talented wide receiver he’ll ever share the field with, but they declined to draft his immediate replacement. The definition of two birds with one stone, as Jones can rejoice following months of speculation. 

Jones will have one more attempt to prove he’s the quarterback of the present and the future. Confidence in No. 8 hasn’t been this low in maybe his entire career, which is saying something, especially after the reaction when Jones was originally drafted by the Giants. Simply put, there won’t be any more excuses for Danny Dimes. That doesn’t make him a loser — the chance he’s been given is a win for No. 8, as he’s received a shot in the arm via the 2024 NFL Draft. We’ll see if he can make good on it.