4 biggest winners and 2 losers from the Giants NFL Draft haul

You already know Daniel Jones is on this list, but maybe not where you'd expect
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Loser No. 1: DB Dane Belton

When you draft a position during the 2024 NFL Draft, especially with a premium pick, whoever is currently playing that position on the roster is going to begin to worry. In this case, that happened during Round 2, when the Giants picked safety Tyler Nubin out of Minnesota, and Dane Belton can now begin to sweat. 

The former Iowa Hawkeyes defensive back was hoping to slot into a starting role in 2024 after Xavier McKinney left for the Green Bay Packers. Belton has flashed over his time in the NFL, racking up a couple of interceptions, and he was hoping to take the next step forward in his career timeline in 2024. 

However, it’s evident Schoen and the Giants view Belton more as a rotational piece than as a foundational defensive player. Nubin isn’t someone who comes off the field often, if ever, during a game, and he’s versatile as they come. He’s a heck of a player, and a great pick by the Giants, but his addition didn’t do Belton any favors.

The former Iowa star will still likely see his fair share of playing time, and maybe he can push Jason Pinnock for some snaps. Still, it’s not the succession plan Belton expected when he was drafted, and when McKinney left for the NFC North.