4 biggest winners and 2 losers from the Giants NFL Draft haul

You already know Daniel Jones is on this list, but maybe not where you'd expect
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Winner No. 3: DB Coach Jerome Henderson

The position group that was in the most need of a face-lift for the Giants was their defensive backs, and their coach Jerome Henderson got that and then some during the 2024 NFL Draft. One season after bringing Deonte Banks to town, the Giants drafted the aforementioned Nubin in Round 2, and former Kentucky Wildcats defensive back Andru Phillips in Round 3. Two of their first three picks were used on the position group, and that’s music to Henderson’s ears.

The Giants assistant has been doing a lot with a little over the last couple of seasons, especially in a division featuring CeeDee Lamb, A.J. Brown, Devonta Smith and Terry McLaurin. It’s not going to get any easier, but with the bolstering of talent, the Giants might actually be able to handle opposing team’s passing games with grace, instead of making fans want to pull their hair out.

Henderson is a great coach. There’s a reason why he was in consideration for the team’s defensive coordinator vacancy earlier this offseason. Now, he’ll be able to continue proving that, with some interesting prospects. Again, you know he's loving that Nubin and Phillips are now in town.