4 biggest winners and 2 losers from NY Giants OTAs and minicamp

Some guys have benefitted more than o
New York Giants OTA Offseason Workouts
New York Giants OTA Offseason Workouts / Luke Hales/GettyImages
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Winner: QB Daniel Jones

He wasn't perfect during OTAs and minicamp, but Daniel Jones showed that he'll likely be ready to go for the regular season, which is huge considering how late in the season he tore his ACL. We know not every Giants fan is happy about Jones starting once again, but he's the best option on the depth chart.

Jones was disastrous in 2023, that much is obvious. However, on paper, this new roster is likely the best all-around supporting cast he's had since being drafted. While Jones won't have a star running back like Saquon Barkley, the receiving core is looking the best it ever has during his tenure, and the offensive line looks much improved as well.

Everything is lining up for Jones to have a much-improved 2024 season, so if he fails to meet expectations once more, his time in New York will be done. However, this offseason has shown flashes that Jones could be back to his 2022 form, especially with the new supporting cast around him.