4 changes the Giants must make this season to bounce back

Will NY and Brian Daboll get things corrected in 2024?
New York Giants Rookie Minicamp
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1. How about some primetime wins?

The Giants have struggled immensely in primetime games over the last few years. Primetime games have not been kind to Jones in his career. Jones is 1-12 in primetime, which is easily the worst mark in football. Daboll hasn’t been much better in those matchups either.

In 2022, the Giants didn’t fare well against there tougher opponents, but it didn’t matter as they beat up on lesser opponents. That’s not always sustainable and it hurt the G-Men in 2023. Some said regression was coming and they were correct.

In 2024, the Giants will face some tough opponents. They will face the Cowboys in primetime at home and then on the road for a Thanksgiving Day battle. They also will see the Steelers, Bengals in primetime and they even play the Panthers in Germany.

The Panthers of course are a weaker team, but it’s still an international game. It would be great to see the Giants rattle off some big wins against some tough opponents in stand alone games. It’s not just important from a wins standpoint, but it will be nice for the Giants to change the narrative once and for all. If they can beat some of these teams, who knows, maybe a playoff push could be on the way.