4 former NY Giants who are shockingly still free agents

Several members of the 2023 Giants team are still available to be signed
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3. OL Justin Pugh

Veteran lineman Justin Pugh was famous for landing back with the Giants in 2023 midseason, as he came to them “straight off the couch” and back into the square of the Giants offensive line.

Pugh spent the last five years with the Arizona Cardinals, but his final season saw him suffer a torn ACL, so he didn’t get to spend the summer on a team for their training camp. Yet, Pugh jumped right back into the Giants starting lineup due to their desperate need for offensive line help.

Pugh has been very adamant that he would love to return to the Giants and hasn’t shied away from his desire to return for another season. The Giants spent a lot of their time in free agency overhauling the offensive line group, and Pugh has yet to not only be re-signed by the Giants, but be signed by any team.

Pugh might wait to see if the Giants call him back if they have a need for offensive line help. He could also see if another team in the league might want him to jump straight off the couch and onto their roster. At least for Pugh’s case, he is fully healthy this time around and would be able to be a full participant in training camp. A full summer of camp could get Pugh more prepared to be a key member of an NFL team’s offensive line, even if it isn’t with the Giants.