4 free agent do-overs for the NY Giants in 2024

Did Joe Schoen make mistakes here?
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2. Undervaluing OL Ben Bredeson 

While the Giants inked a host of offensive lineman to deals in free agency, one that they didn’t opt to bring back was Ben Bredeson. A holdover from the Dave Gettleman era, Bredeson was actually one of the team’s more reliable lineman, and he showed some real promise at multiple positions over the course of his time in New York.

He was slightly inconsistent, but there’s no telling what a new offensive line coach could’ve done for him. Now, Bredeson is with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and early reports have him tearing it up with the NFC South franchise, blossoming into the player some thought he could be when he originally came into the NFL.

For a team starved for offensive lineman, Bredeson would’ve been a solid piece to keep on the roster, especially due to his familiarity with the team’s offense and their quarterback. Instead, letting Bredeson go could be a move that hurts the Giants, maybe not at the onset of the season, but as time goes on throughout the 2024 campaign.