4 free agents on defense the NY Giants can still target

The Giants' revamped roster is coming together nicely but is still far from a finished product
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1. Zach Cunningham

Inside linebacker is a very interesting position for the Giants currently. They have star linebacker Bobby Okereke and much improved running mate Micah McFadden currently pegged as the starters. After those two linebackers, it's a bit concerning. The Giants just have special teams' players Carter Coughlin, Matthew Adams, and young linebacker Darrian Beavers, who hasn't seen much time, as backups. They added undrafted free agent Dyontae Johnson last year, but he has no game reps. They need to add a player to the unit who can add value to the team on multiple fronts. That player should be Zach Cunningham.

Cunningham has been productive every stop of his career, and his addition would help the team tremendously. The Giants recently re-signed Isaiah Simmons but, admittedly they stated they don't quite know where he will fit in within the new defensive scheme. Cunningham may be looking to go to a playoff contender, but just like in the case of Dupree, Schoen could sell Cunningham to the Giants using his connection with Bowen.

Cunningham had 85 tackles in just under 63 percent of defensive snaps for the Eagles last season. Cunningham and McFadden would more than likely fight for the spot next to Okereke, but in a new system, with a new coordinator, Cunningham's familiarity with it could give him the advantage.