4 free agents on offense the NY Giants can still target this offseason

Will Joe Schoen give any of these guys a look?
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2. TE Logan Thomas

It’s surprising to see Logan Thomas remains a free agent, especially after the way he was such a thorn in the Giants side during his time with the Washington Commanders. The former Virginia Tech quarterback turned tight end arrived in the NFL with the Buffalo Bills, so it’s evident the braintrust there, where Schoen cut his teeth, saw his potential. However, Thomas didn’t break out until he joined Washington, where he played for the last four seasons. 

There’s a myriad of question marks at tight end for the Giants, namely the team wondering whether Waller will retire or not. However, they decided to draft former Penn State tight end Johnson in the fourth round, and he possesses immense potential, and a similar build to Thomas.

At the worst, bringing Thomas in to help teach Johnson the ropes could be an admirable signing by Schoen. If he proves he can still catch passes and bring that tenacity to New York, he’d be a worthy addition to the team’s offensive game-plan.