4 highest-paid NY Giants players going into 2024

Will these players live up to their salaries?
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2. QB Daniel Jones

Surprisingly enough, Daniel Jones is not the highest-paid player on the Giants this season in terms of pure cash. While he's first in cap hit by over $20 million, his pure cash numbers may not be as bad as you'd think. This season, Jones is slated to receive around $36 million, which is still too much.

The cash for Jones' contract bounces around quite a bit. Last season, he was making $46 million, next year it will be down to $30 in order to make it easier to release Jones, if need be, then in 2026 it rises right back up to $47.5 million.

As of now, this is way too much for the production Jones has given. Whether it be due to injuries or poor play on the field, Jones looked like one of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL last season, throwing two touchdowns and six interceptions through six games.

Who knows how Jones will perform in 2024? Given his horrid play last season and the fact that he's coming off a torn ACL, it's impossible to tell until Week 1 rolls around. One thing is for certain, if he wants to be worth the money he's making, he needs to outperform his 2022 standards, which is already asking a lot.