4 NY Giants UDFAs who could steal a 53-man roster spot

Just because the draft is over doesn't mean the Giants are done making moves.
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3. OG Jake Kubas

After not selecting any offensive linemen in the NFL Draft, the Giants made sure to scoop up a couple of undrafted free agents right after. The Giants spent a pretty penny signing undrafted free agent Jake Kubas, an offensive lineman from North Dakota State. During his six years at NDSU, Kubas worked hard and refined his game.

He is a bit undersized for a guard, but he's strong with good hands and great feet. His bread and butter is in the run game. He loves being the physical mauler type you can run behind, but is also very technical with his game. While the Giants didn't draft an offensive linemen, they added five in free agency. Schoen must have been pretty comfortable with the work he did there so he could focus his six picks on addressing other needs via the draft.

Kubas will battle for a spot on the team against the newly signed veterans, the young draft picks from earlier years, and the other undrafted free agents the Giants signed. He has a pretty decent chance to stick with the Giants practice squad next season, or even push for a Week 1 spot.