4 NY Giants who have impressed at OTAs thus far

These Giants have fans excited for Week 1 to get here.
New York Giants OTA Offseason Workouts
New York Giants OTA Offseason Workouts / Luke Hales/GettyImages
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2. WR Malik Nabers

This likely won't come as a surprise to anyone, but No. 6 overall pick Malik Nabers has shined thus far at OTAs and is looking to make a big splash on the field for the Giants in his rookie season. If he does, New York's offense could be in for a big boost.

"Rookie wide receiver Malik Nabers notched one touchdown, likely two if it were a live game. The no-doubter was on a scramble drill by Tommy DeVito during 11-on-11 drills in the red zone, where last year's undrafted quarterback eventually found this year's sixth overall pick in the back of the end zone."

Dan Salomone of Giants.com

That update from Salomone came on the second day of OTAs, showing how quickly Nabers is fitting into this Giants offense. The LSU product has high hopes for his rookie season, and rightfully so, as his senior year saw him catch 89 passes for 1,569 yards and 14 touchdowns.

Nabers' game truly has no limits and if Jones can successfully get him the ball in 2024, the Giants offense could finally rise up from the bottom. Even if Jones flusters, Nabers is the kind of talent that will produce regardless. If OTAs are an indicator of anything, these two will have few problems working with one another.

"Earlier in practice, Daniel Jones kicked off 7-on-7 red zone drills with a completion to Nabers. The receiver took it up the sideline, but because no contact is allowed, he veered out of bounds at the goal line with a defender in pursuit. Whether or not he got in can be adjudicated in the locker room or during a film session. They can all agree, however, that during a live game, the competitive Nabers would be on the board for six."

Dan Salomone of Giants.com