4 reasons there are no more excuses for Giants QB Daniel Jones in 2024

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2. Offensive continuity for Daniel Jones in 2024

In 2022 ,Jones worked very well in the Daboll and Mike Kafka system. After the 2022 and 2023 seasons, many thought that Kafka would be leaving for a different job opportunity, but he has remained. Coming off an injury with some new pieces, it’s important that Jones doesn’t have to learn a new offense as he rehabs his knee.

Because of the injury, Jones is already behind the 8 ball, so a new offense would be another major hurdle. Early in his career. Jones dealt with constant coordinator and coaching changes and that’s very tough on a young quarterback.

Despite the issues last year, nothing changes as far as coaching and the system. The personnel has obviously changed as far as players and that will be a great thing for Jones and the Giants. With some added weapons, perhaps the offense will add some new tricks. Perhaps it will also bring out the best in Jones or at least get him back to his 2022 self. That's needed for him and this team as a whole.