4 reasons the NY Giants should trade up to draft a Daniel Jones replacement

The rebuild needs to come in quick for the NY Giants
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One of the biggest discussions surrounding the NY Giants this offseason is whether or not they should draft the future of the franchise at quarterback to replace Daniel Jones. There are very good arguments to be made on both sides, but when looking at some factors moving forward, it makes more sense than not for Joe Schoen to be aggressive in acquiring a rookie QB.

Not only is there likely going to be heavy competition to snag the top QB prospects in this year's class, but with Jones' massive contract, we fully believe Schoen should go all-in on trading up for a new signal-caller. That being said, here are four reasons we believe Schoen needs to address this situation sooner rather than later.

4. It's better to move on from Daniel Jones now

The Giants have spent five years trying to develop Jones and in this time he has managed to put together a singular season in which he looked like an above-average QB. Were the circumstances surrounding him perfect? No. However, Jones is going into Year 6 year six and the excuses are getting tiresome.

Even after Jones managed to put together his lone competent season in 2022, he took a total step back in '23, getting outplayed by both Tyrod Taylor and Tommy DeVito at times. Considering he is slated to have a cap hit of $47 million this season, this is hilariously unacceptable.

With that in mind, why should the Giants continue to give Jones chances? Sure, there is a possibility that he puts it all together once more in 2024, but is it really worth the risk? If Jones doesn't look good again, the Giants will have wasted yet another season trying to develop him when they could have simply drafted a more talented quarterback in the draft.

Jones hasn't shown enough in five seasons for the Giants to keep believing in him, plain and simple. Sure, he may have led the Giants to the playoffs in 2022, but we are soon to be two seasons removed from that. It would be wise for Schoen and company to heavily invest in his replacement before the season starts.