4 reasons the NY Giants should trade up to draft a Daniel Jones replacement

The rebuild needs to come in quick for the NY Giants
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3. Next year's draft class is weak in terms of QBs

While there could be some high risers in the form of Carson Beck or Shedeur Sanders in the 2025 NFL Draft, as of now, this class is looking to be pretty weak. Considering the talent the Giants already have on their roster, it's likely they won't land a Top 5 pick, meaning that even if these two rise up the board, they may not be available when New York makes their pick.

Regardless, the top prospects in this year's class are much safer selections than those in '25, so investing now as opposed to later is likely the better choice. If the Giants don't take someone this year, Jones fails, and the team is put in the position to draft a QB in 2025, it could spell disaster for the future of the franchise.

Guys like Drake Maye, Jayden Daniels, hell, even J.J. McCarthy have higher ceilings than just about anyone else in the '25 class. There is a chance that Beck and Sanders become franchise players, but the risk is way higher than simply drafting someone from this year's class.