4 reasons the NY Giants should trade up to draft a Daniel Jones replacement

The rebuild needs to come in quick for the NY Giants
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1. Drafting the right guy could speed up the Giants rebuild by years

We have seen time and time again the impact of drafting a franchise QB can have on a rebuilding team. Even just last season, the Texans went from winning three games to making the playoffs just by drafting C.J. Stroud and hiring DeMeco Ryans. The Giants likely have their coach in Brian Daboll, now they need to find their franchise QB in the draft.

It's abundantly clear that Jones will not be the guy for New York. Thus, making it ideal for them to draft one of the top prospects in this year's draft class. If Schoen does this, and their rookie QB pans out, the Giants could be back in the playoffs before you know it.

There are too many examples of teams employing this strategy and it working phenomenally. To keep it simple, the Giants have the opportunity to completely alter the future of their franchise for the better. If they instead choose to remain complacent and give Jones more opportunities to disappoint, we could see a front office shake up by the end of the 2024 season.