4 reasons the Giants should be concerned about Daniel Jones this season

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1. Is the Daniel Jones contract something to worry about?

No matter what happens, the biggest talking point around Jones will be his contract. Of course, when the Giants gave him a four-year, $160 million deal, they gave themselves an out in the deal. Because of that, it's quite possible that Jones will be released next offseason - this is something that a lot of people are expecting.

The worrisome thing about the Jones contract, however, is some of the stipulations in it. In the event of an injury, the Giants would be on the hook for next year as well, which is not what Schoen wants at all. That injury clause would reportedly cost the Giants around $23 million if they try to cut him and he can't pass a physical.

Will the Giants sit Jones at the end of the year to avoid things? Will they be in a playoff run and have no choice but to play him? It all remains to be seen, but the bottom line is if Jones comes out and plays like he did in 2022, the Giants and their fans will have nothing to worry about. Let's hope for a best-case scenario for the former No. 6 overall pick in '24.