4 WRs on the roster bubble the NY Giants could try and trade for

Could the Giants end up adding some more WR help this offseason?
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1. Treylon Burks, Tennessee Titans

There may not be a more disappointing first-round receiver in the last two seasons than Treylon Burks. However, this does not mean his career is finished, as the 24-year-old WR likely still has plenty of untapped potential thanks to how poor the QB situation has been in Tennessee. This, combined with their run-heavy offense has played a role in limiting Burks as a pass-catcher, and a change of scenery is needed.

Through two seasons, Burks has caught 49 passes for 665 yards and one touchdown. For being an 18th overall pick, these numbers are disastrous and after acquiring Tyler Boyd and Calvin Ridley this offseason, it seems like Burks is on his way out of the door.

Burks may not break out into a superstar in New York, but he could easily be a low-risk, high-reward acquisition. If Daniel Jones can stay healthy, he could play a role in reviving Burks' career given how simplified the offense is with him at quarterback. Regardless, Burks can likely be available for a late-round pick. For what he could become, this price may be nothing and the Giants have plenty of picks to spare.