5 best No. 6 overall picks in NFL Draft history

Let's hope the Giants can add to this list in 2024
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3. WR Julio Jones

If you want to argue that Julio Jones and Holt should be flipped on this list, I'll listen. I'll disagree, but I'll listen. Essentially, Jones and Holt had the same career arc. Both guys have gone to the same number of Pro Bowls, led the league in receiving yards the same amount of times and led the league in receptions the same amount.

Their career receptions, receiving yards and touchdown numbers are strangely similar also. So where does Jones win out? Statistically, he has more receiving yards than Holt on less catches. Physically, Jones is an absolute freak. At 6-2, 220lbs, Jones was a nightmare for any defensive back and his raw athleticism puts him over the edge.

Jones at his peak was was arguably the best receiver in all of football. He was the focal point for the Falcons offense in the 2010s and would have had a Super Bowl Ring if not for an all-time choke job by the Falcons coaching staff. Like Holt, Jones should be able to eventually find his way into the Hall of Fame. Jones currently sits at No. 16 in career receiving yards and there is still a chance he could get to No. 13 on that list by the time he finally calls it quits. Creeping up the list of career receiving yards and career touchdowns would be a great end to a great career.