5 best No. 6 overall picks in NFL Draft history

Let's hope the Giants can add to this list in 2024
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2. OT Walter Jones

Walter Jones is probably the least recognizable name on this list, but he has inarguably one of the greatest careers not just for a No. 6 pick, but for an offensive tackle. In his 13 seasons in professional football, Jones went to the Pro Bowl 9 times. He was named a First-Team All Pro four times and a Second-Team All Pro twice.

For about 50 percent of his career, he was the best guy at his position in the league. He's a 2000s All-Decade team member as well as a member of the 100th Anniversary All-Time Team. So, it should come as no surprise he was elected to the Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility. Although we as fans don't rattle off offensive line stats like we do with skill position players, Jones' numbers are nothing short of incredible.

During his time on the field, the Seahawks attempted more than 5,500 passes, In all of those snaps, Jones allowed only 23 sacks and was penalized for holding only nine times. There are offensive linemen today who may get called for holding nine times in a season. It took Jones 13 years to get that number. Jones could have been No. 1 on this list if not for the existence of the guy who holds the crown.