5 best No. 6 overall picks in NFL Draft history

Let's hope the Giants can add to this list in 2024
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1. RB Jim Brown

Jim Brown. That's it, that's the slide. Jim Brown. But really, Brown was that awesome. If the Giants' draft pick in 2024 has a career even half as good as what Brown accomplished, Schoen may be the GM until the day he dies. Brown is one of the best players not only at his position but in the history of the entire NFL.  Everybody who calls themself a football fan knows exactly who Brown is.

He's one of those guys whose story will be told long after we're all gone. So, just how good was he? The Hall of Famer was a three-time MVP and an eight-time First-Team All Pro. He made the Pro Bowl nine times (every year of his career). He led the league in rushing yards eight times and led the league in rushing touchdowns five times. He led the league in overall scoring in 1958. Brown made the 1960s All-Decade Team, and was named to the 50th, 75th and 100th Anniversary All-Time Teams.

Oh, and he won the NFL Championship in 1964. You quite literally cannot tell the story of football without mentioning Brown. He's probably even on the first page. He's football royalty, he's Cleveland  royalty, he's sports royalty, and he was drafted with the No. 6 pick in 1957.