5 best players remaining for the NY Giants after NFL Draft Day 1

Will the G-Men land a quarterback during Day 2 of the draft?
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3. RB Trey Benson

With the loss of Saquon Barkley and the subsequent signing of Devin Singletary, the Giants are currently left without a genuine RB2 to play behind their new back. While one of Eric Gray or Gary Brightwell could fill this role, it's likely not worth risking so much on two unproven players. This makes it easy to see a world where New York looks to fill this gap through the draft.

Whether it be in the second or third round, it may be in Schoen's best interest to select a back. One of the best who could be available in this range is Florida State's Trey Benson, an explosive athlete with a powerful frame.

Through 13 games last season, Benson ran the ball 156 times for 905 yards and 14 touchdowns, averaging 5.8 yards per carry, an impressive feat. As of right now, Benson looks to be a power back with the potential to rip off a huge run every now and then. However, if he can become more decisive in the backfield, Benson could morph into a starting-caliber running back in no time.

Benson has the potential to be a star in this league if he can fix the few problems he has. Even if he doesn't have all the athletic traits and abilities to be one of the best RB2s in the NFL, the Giants could benefit a ton from having this guy on the roster.