5 biggest NY Giants draft steals in team history

These guys turned out to be studs for the G-Men over the years
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2. LB Jessie Armstead

There are few doubts that Carson is the better player than Jessie Armstead. However, what has him higher on our list is the fact that Armstead managed to put together an impressive career despite being selected in the eighth round of the 1993 NFL Draft. It's unfortunate that he wasn't able to win a Super Bowl during his time in New York, but Armstead was a crucial part of the Giants' efforts in 2000.

It took Armstead a few years to make his way into the starting lineup, but once he did it was clear how talented he was. In just his second season as a full-time starter, Armstead racked up 132 tackles, earning a First Team All-Pro selection, Pro Bowl, and even coming in third for the Defensive Player of the Year award.

Following this, Armstead would make four consecutive Pro Bowls, even leading the NFL in tackles for loss in 1999 when the NFL first started tracking the stat. While he wouldn't end his career in New York, Armstead's impact cannot be forgotten.

Armstead would finish his career fourth all-time in tackles and first in tackles for loss in Giants history. He was the definition of a bruiser at the linebacker position. Considering how stacked this position has been in team history, it means a ton that Armstead stands out as much as he does.