5 biggest NY Giants remaining needs in free agency and the NFL Draft

Schoen needs to make some key moves on both sides of the ball

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3. A starting safety to replace Xavier McKinney

As of right now, the Giants have one solidified starting safety in the form of Jason Pinnock, who had a breakout season in 2023. However, who will play alongside him currently remains the question as Schoen has yet to find a true answer. Dane Belton remains an intriguing option given his ball-chasing prowess and Jalen Mills could be a solid player in limited snaps, but both of these guys have some glaring problems.

For example, Belton, while a true ball hawk, has remained atrocious against the run to the point where he was hardly receiving snaps throughout 2023. While there's always potential that Belton fixes this issue, especially under a safety guru like Shane Bowen, do the Giants really want to risk so much on this?

While there are tons of veteran options in free agency, the Giants have not been rumored to be interested in any of them thus far, so it's tough to say if they're in the market for one or not. However, there are plenty of intriguing prospects that Schoen may have his eyes on.

One of my personal favorites from this year's class is Wake Forest's Malik Mustapha, a hard-hitting run-stopper with some potential in coverage. Whether or not the Giants want to emphasize a run-stopping or coverage safety will likely determine if they are interested in Mustapha. Regardless, we hope Schoen doesn't gamble so much on the hopes of a Belton breakout season because the consequences could be dire if he doesn't pan out.