5 biggest NY Giants takeaways from the 2024 schedule release

The Giants 2024 schedule is a nice blend between challenging and manageable.
New York Giants v Las Vegas Raiders
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2. The Giants having just three primetime games is a good thing

While it's always fun to see the national media covering the G-Men and seeing the team get the chance to shine on TV, the Giants have clearly struggled with the added platform lately. For Jones, struggling may be an understatement.

Jones has a 1-12 record in primetime games, the worst primetime record among any quarterback since 1970. Outside of a lone win against the Commanders in 2022, Jones has been dominated repeatedly, leaving fans wondering if the moment is too big for him.

With all of that said, the Giants having just three primetime games this season is certainly a good thing. While the fans won't be able to enjoy as much national attention, that same attention is detrimental to the team and leads to many more losses than wins. Let's hope Jones can improve that primetime record this year and prove he belongs.