5 biggest questions the NY Giants continue to face this offseason

The sooner the Giants have answers for these, the better.
New York Giants v Miami Dolphins
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2. Can Drew Lock become the starter?

It is no secret that Daniel Jones may be on a short leash in 2024, as the Giants went out this offseason and signed Drew Lock on a one-year contract that perhaps sent Jones a message that his job may not be safe after all. In fact, there have also been rumors and reports that Lock could become the Giants starting quarterback.

Despite Lock not having lights-out numbers throughout his career, there can still be a great argument that if Jones does not look sharp in training camp or in the preseason, it could present a great opportunity for Lock. In his limited game action last season with the Seattle Seahawks, Lock passed for 543 yards, with three touchdowns and three interceptions.

Lock's best moment of 2023 was when he started in place of an injured Geno Smith against the Eagles. This was a primetime showdown, and Lock helped Seattle post an impressive upset. With all of the buzz growing in recent weeks too, the Jones-Lock battle is going to be an intriguing one this summer.