5 biggest questions the NY Giants continue to face this offseason

The sooner the Giants have answers for these, the better.
New York Giants v Miami Dolphins
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1. Will the Giants be able to trust Daniel Jones' health?

The Giants were hoping for a great season from Jones in 2023, especially after they locked up the former No. 6 overall pick on a four-year, $160 million deal. But that unfortunately did not happen as a neck and season-ending knee injury saw Jones play only in six games. So, can we trust him to stay healthy throughout the season?

Injuries have seemed to be the norm unfortunately for Jones throughout his NFL career, as he missed two games in his rookie season in 2019 with a high-ankle sprain and the following season in 2020 he missed two with a hamstring injury. Then in 2021, he missed the Giants final six games of the regular season as he was placed on IR with a neck problem. He looked great in 2022, but things went downhill after that.

It is no coincidence that the Giants went out to sign Lock - NY may have doubts and concerns about Jones' ability to stay healthy for an entire season as he enters his seventh year in the NFL. We will see how he looks come training camp but until then, his health is always going to be a concern.