5 Daniel Jones replacements the NY Giants must avoid this offseason

It's clear the Giants will be looking for a new starting signal-caller in the coming months

Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers
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Kirk Cousins

Kirk Cousins had what looked like it was going to be a career year cut short by an Achilles tear. The Vikings were getting hot, and Cousins, in a contract year, was looking like a guy who would have a good market in free agency. It's a shame for someone whose public perception changed after the "Quarterback" show on Netflix aired, too.

Despite the injury, this is someone the Giants should want no part of. Cousins has been in the league long enough for the fans to know what his ceiling is. He can get you in the playoffs and he may even win a a playoff game, but he isn't someone who is going to put you over the top.

The Giants should be looking to take a chance on the next generation rather than hoping "this is the year" with a guy like Cousins. The good thing is the Giants' brass seem to know this. Cousins will find a new home somewhere, and that'll be that.