5 disastrous moves the Giants must avoid at No. 25 overall in the NFL Draft

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4. TE Dalton Kincaid, Utah

Similar to Sanders, Dalton Kincaid is a player that not many would suspect the Giants to even consider drafting. However, after a mock draft from NFL writer Lance Zierlein, the discussion surrounding whether the Giants should take another TE has apparently come up.

Kincaid is an absolutely fantastic player that most teams would love to have, but with the success of Daniel Bellinger and the recent Darren Waller trade, there really isn't a reason for the Giants to draft a TE in the first round, or even the second/third rounds as well.

If the Giants are looking to add an offensive weapon in the first, then select a wide receiver, it's that simple. There is no need to select a TE this high regardless of talent when you have so much depth at the position.

Through 12 games last season, Kincaid caught 70 passes for 890 yards and eight touchdowns. Again, a very great player, but not one the Giants should even consider taking in the first round. Honestly, it's pretty silly that someone like Zierlein would even suggest that the Giants would draft him.