5 disastrous moves the Giants must avoid at No. 25 overall in the NFL Draft

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3. John Michael-Schmitz, Minnesota

There is an incredibly high chance that the NY Giants look to address their gap at the center position through the draft this season, and while John Michael-Schmitz may be the top guy in this year's class, picking him 25th overall may not be the best decision value wise.

Now, if the Giants did decide to select him in the first round, it wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing, as Schmitz is an incredible player with a super high floor. However, the next two guys at the position, Luke Wypler and Joe Tippmann, are not that far behind Schmitz and arguably have a higher ceiling.

What makes these two even better is that they will more likely than not be available in the second round, meaning the Giants could address another position in round one while still selecting a steal in Wypler or Tippmann in round two.

Wypler is not only two years younger than Schmitz, but he is by far the more athletically gifted player and simply has more upside. For Tippmann, he is much more physically dominant while having some incredible speed and pulling ability for his size while also being two years younger than Schmitz