5 disastrous moves the Giants must avoid at No. 25 overall in the NFL Draft

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2. DL Bryan Breese, Clemson

This is probably the first time we have wanted to not select a player due to talent and not fit. Bryan Breese may be an uber athletic interior defensive lineman with some upside, but he is not nearly refined enough to be in consideration for the NY Giants to draft him.

While his versatility on the defensive line is where he'll make his money and is something the Giants could really use, he has a long way to go before he can become a consistent player in the NFL, especially as a pass rusher.

Far too often Breese relies on just his physical and athletic traits as a pass rusher, which is something that simply won't work at an NFL level. In addition to this, Breese has dealt with an ACL tear and a shoulder injury in the last two seasons that have hampered his level of play.

Breese has tons of upside, thanks in part to his ridiculous athletic traits, running a 4.86 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine which ranks fourth amongst all interior defensive linemen. These athletic tools aren't common at his position.

Despite this, Breese is simply too raw of a prospect to be worthy of a first-round selection. This year's draft class is too stacked on the defensive line to take a project player so high - if the Giants want to address their defensive line depth they should simply look elsewhere.