5 former NY Giants who won't live up to their new contracts

Joe Schoen was wise not to overspend on these guys

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3. QB Tyrod Taylor

Tyrod Taylor filled in admirably for Daniel Jones in 2023, but he decided to move his locker to the other side of MetLife Stadium for 2024, signing with the New York Jets. While Taylor was successful in limited playing time with the Giants last season, how much of that was his familiarity with Daboll as the team’s head coach?

The Jets needed a veteran backup quarterback, and Taylor fits the mold, but the difference between Daboll’s style and having Nathaniel Hackett as your offensive coordinator is night and day for a signal-caller. 

Ironically, the best way for Taylor to live up to his new contract with the Jets would be to never see the field at all in 2024. If Aaron Rodgers is healthy, which is what the Jets need to have the season they’re hoping for next year, Taylor’s contributions will likely remain behind the scenes, where he’s more valuable to the franchise at the moment. 

Over the past two seasons, Taylor was a worthy backup for the Giants. However, as he gets up there in age and joins a completely different situation, albeit in the same town, the veteran is primed to take a step back in 2024. He signed a two-year deal worth up to $18 million.