5 former NY Giants who won't live up to their new contracts

Joe Schoen was wise not to overspend on these guys

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1. DT Leonard Williams

The Seattle Seahawks may have had some buyer’s remorse after trading for Leonard Williams, as the move allowed the Giants to trade their second-round pick for the aforementioned Burns. However, the Seahawks doubled down on the move, inking Williams to a new deal in free agency, even after it was evident he didn’t do much to help their team over the last couple of games of their season. Seattle went from a Wild Card contender to looking towards the 2024 NFL Draft, with limited draft capital after their trade with the Giants. 

The Giants did right by Williams, and it helped them land their franchise EDGE, but the Seahawks are hoping for the former New York defensive tackle to play like he did when the Giants originally paid him a couple of seasons ago. Williams’ play hasn’t reached that level over the last couple of seasons, and he’s been outshined by other members of the defense in both New York and Seattle.

Regardless, Seattle likely felt like they couldn’t let Williams go, and Mike Macdonald could be fantastic for the twilight of Williams’ career. It remains to be seen, but after becoming a highly paid defender once again, the Seahawks better hope that’s the case with their defensive tackle in 2024 after they gave him a three-year, $64.5 million deal.