5 free agents the NY Giants and Joe Schoen should avoid this summer

The G-Men need to stay away from these guys in free agency.
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Jamal Adams

Jamal Adams is just 28 years old and is not far removed from being an impact player. Adams has a background of what it’s like playing in New York after his time with the Jets. He’s struggled to stay healthy, playing In just 10 games over the last two seasons after the Jets traded him to the Seahawks where things have not gone as planned.

After losing Xavier McKinney, the Giants did not make a big splash at replacing him. Despite the Giants possibly having a need at the position, this is an easy pass for the Giants. Injuries have piled up with Adams and the hope is that second-round pick Tyler Nubin can step up and be a stud at the position.

Adams has also had some off-field drama, notably arguing with Jets beat writers on social media. Adams likely wouldn’t want to come back to New York and the Giants likely wouldn’t want to deal with the drama and headlines that the deal could come with. It's easy to see why Schoen would want to pass on reaching out to him.