5 free agents the NY Giants were wise to stay away from

Joe Schoen was smart to not bring these guys to East Rutherford

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4. RB Derrick Henry

Dating back to last offseason, the writing was on the wall with the Giants and Saquon. Despite what both sides said, it was clear there wasn't a world where Barkley would come back after hitting the free-agent market.

Schoen and Co. probably knew they needed a running back heading into this offseason and it's a good thing Derrick Henry wasn't a guy on their list. Henry is a big name and was great in his prime years, but unfortunately, those years have passed him by. He's not "cooked," but he isn't where the Giants should be looking. Henry's eventual contract wasn't the biggest by any means, but it was just not worth the price tag for Big Blue.

Plus, the two sides were in completely different spots. Henry wanted to go to a contender and get a chance for a ring and the Giants needed to build and get younger. Not to mention, if the Giants were keen on giving a running back big money, it would’ve been Barkley. They opted for an affordable deal with Devin Singletary instead.