5 free agents the NY Giants were wise to stay away from

Joe Schoen was smart to not bring these guys to East Rutherford

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3. OL Robert Hunt

Bolstering the offensive line was arguably the biggest task on the front office's list entering the 2024 offseason. Robert Hunt was a guy who was at the top of the wishlist for a lot of Giants fans. He is a great player and was one of the most coveted linemen in this free agent class.

Once the Giants signed Jon Runyan, Jr. for $30 million, it was clear they weren't breaking the bank for linemen. That's exactly what would've needed to be done to get Hunt, who signed for $100 million over five years with the Panthers. All that money for one player at a position that is the Giants most glaring hole doesn't make sense. The front office played it the right way here in signing multiple overlooked, cheap linemen.

This means you can probably count on them taking another lineman in the draft and really building this thing from the ground up. With how long this unit has been bad for the Giants, bringing in multiple guys instead of paying one for big money who may not live up to the contract was the way to go.