5 free agents the NY Giants were wise to stay away from

Joe Schoen was smart to not bring these guys to East Rutherford

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1. QB Russell Wilson

The biggest name linked to the Giants this offseason was Russell Wilson. Wilson reportedly met with Giants brass and a lot of people speculated that where Wilson is in his career and the power of the New York market, he would eventually be a Giant. Wilson signed with Pittsburgh and we are all better for it. Mediocre quarterback play is what Giants fans have seen for the better half of a decade and we don't need any more of it.

The Wilson experiment in Denver was a disaster and he just isn't a good quarterback anymore. Plus, it's telling his teammates never seem too broken up whenever he leaves. The one good thing about Wilson was he was cheap. Signing a one-year, $1.2 million deal, Wilson finds himself in a "prove it" situation like Young.

However, Wilson doesn't need to prove it in New York. The Giants do need an upgrade at quarterback, but they need to find that guy in the draft, not free agency. Schoen needs to bring in the next face of the franchise, not a guy who is on his way out of the league. Wilson to New York was a rumor that had some steam, and we all need to be glad Schoen put it to rest.