5 middle-round prospects the NY Giants should target in the NFL Draft

These mid-round studs can make a difference for NY in 2024 and beyond

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2. Wisconsin RB Braelon Allen

Ever since the loss of Brandon Jacobs, the Giants have failed to find a true power back. While this is something that has somewhat faded away in the modern NFL, that doesn't mean this archetype doesn't have its benefits in the right system. While Schoen likely signed Devin Singletary to be the team's RB1 in 2024, Braelon Allen out of Wisconsin could answer the question of who will play behind him.

Sitting at a monstrous 6-1, 235 pounds, Allen is the definition of a bruiser. While a new system in Wisconsin limited his true abilities as a runner, his tape from 2021 and '22 shows a decisive, powerful runner that defenses should be afraid of. He isn't the most dynamic, but with power like that, Allen doesn't need to be.

Through 11 games last season, Allen ran the ball 181 times for 982 yards and 12 touchdowns. Considering he was THIS productive while being a poor fit in his system, it's easy to see why so many people are interested in what the 20-year-old RB can do in the NFL. He won't offer too much as a pass-catcher, but his abilities as a pass-blocker could make him some extra cash in the league.

Allen is the complete opposite type of running back compared to Saquon Barkley. Where Barkley would dance around to try and make a big play, Allen will make a decisive cut in the backfield and take the easy yards for the sake of getting a first down. Considering where the Giants are currently at, this is what they need and we really hope Schoen considers bringing Allen in.