5 most important NY Giants games for the 2024 season

The pressure is on for the Giants to deliver in 2024.
New York Giants v Miami Dolphins
New York Giants v Miami Dolphins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages
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3. Week 7 vs. Eagles

Last season, we saw the Giants be more competitive against the Eagles than usual. Not only did they take a Week 18 game that likely played a role in Philadelphia's postseason demise, but they lost by just eight points in Week 16. Now, with both teams making some upgrades this offseason, it'll be interesting to see how these matchups play out.

Philadelphia is still likely the better team, but that didn't matter much in the final game of the 2023 season, so who knows what could happen. Regardless, this game could have some interesting repercussions for both sides. This game comes two weeks away from the new trade deadline, so if either is disappointing beforehand, a loss could determine how said deadline goes for them.

This game will also be Saquon Barkley's return to MetLife Stadium after leaving in free agency. Emotions will be high amongst players and fans, so the odds for a barn-burning classic are incredibly high. The Giants would love nothing more than to hand Barkley an L in his return to East Rutherford.