5 most important NY Giants games for the 2024 season

The pressure is on for the Giants to deliver in 2024.
New York Giants v Miami Dolphins
New York Giants v Miami Dolphins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages
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1. Week 18 vs. Eagles

For the third season in a row, the Giants will be ending their season by facing off against the Philadelphia Eagles. This is a game that could have some massive ramifications for both teams regardless of playoff status. For example, last season the Eagles had already clinched the playoffs, but were on a downward spiral before losing to the Giants and eventually collapsing in the postseason.

On the Giants' side, this game could either push them into the playoffs, or net them a higher draft pick depending on how the season goes. Which direction fans will root for will be entirely determined by how the previous 17 weeks go.

Regardless, it's always fun to watch the Giants take on the Eagles. Now, with Barkley suiting up for Philadelphia, we all have some extra motivation to want to watch New York end the season with a massive win.